Friday, October 8, 2010

Get Organized! Tip of the Day: Friday

Clean out your drawers or cabinets regularly. You just might find "new" items. This helps you to be frugal too, as you will not buy duplicates of items you have already!! Thank you for the inspiration for this one Latasha Wilson Lane!!

I have personally done this and found food items I didn't remember I had, luckily they were non-perishables. Its always nice finding things you can use, no matter what they are. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Get Organized! Tip of the Day: Thursday

"Not sure where your day went? Do a Time Study!! Every hour, write down everything you do during the day. Try it for a week, then see what you did with your time. This will help you manage your time better in the future!!"


I am going to start this first thing Monday! I would love to do it today, because, I like most people always wonder where the time went and I'm not even half way finished with what I originally set out to do.  I'm thinking of making up an excel file that I will of course share here as well. 


Get Organized! Tip of the Day: Wednesday

Have a project "too overwhelming" to begin? Break it up into smaller portions, prioritize and get to work. It helps eliminate the stress of it.

I have had to do this with my daughter's party. I could never be an event's planner, although I have done in the past. I have tons of ideas, but there is just way too much work involved. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Organized! Tip of the Day: Tuesday

"Be realistic about deadlines!! Work diligently, but don't over commit!! When you do something, you want it done right, not halfway because of so many other things to do!!"

Lord is this one speaking to me today. I have so many people who depend on me for so many things. I sometimes just say "I am everything to everybody" and deal with it. 

Get Organized! Tip of the Day: Monday

This is the beginning of a daily tip, borrowed from my friend Latisha, featured in the post below. I an going to call this daily segment "Tish's Tips".

"Go Green, be organized and be efficient by printing on both sides of the paper. Save the Earth and your time!! No need to look for Page 2, just flip it over."

I personally always print on scrap paper whenever possible, and I also have a stack of recycled paper on the shelf behind my desk at work.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Organized! Tip of the Day:

I borrowed this from a lovely frugal friend of mine, owner of Unique Wirez, the place for the most unique jewelry you'll ever own, Actress, Model, Mom, Writer, and all around great person, Latisha Williams! I loved this saying so much I had to "steal" it.

While working on a project, schedule time for distractions like checking email, returning calls or visiting others. Once refreshed, get back to work.

I am thinking about having her do a daily tip for me, because I love her so much and the tips are extremely helpful too.