Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make one meal...make another

I hate leftovers as much as the next girl, but a re-purposed meal can be just as good the second time around.  Some examples are...

Southern fried chicken (ala Paula Dean) one day turns into chicken caesar salad or a pita wrap with your favorite veggies the next.

One of my favorite meals is baked tilapia, orzo, and grilled veggies. I can eat the veggies alone, but the orzo takes on a new life when you add some pesto, mushrooms, and a little italian cheese for a great vegetarian dinner.  The tilapia makes a whole new meal too as excellent fish tacos, just dont forget the avocado.  Speaking of tacos, taco meat can be re-purposed for taco salad or make it yourself calzones. All you need is some store bought biscuits and extra salsa for dipping!

Corned beef and cabbage can get boring after a few days, so, lets use the leftovers to make some corned beef eggrolls. This is a new one I'm going to try later in the week. Another great eggroll is one made with leftover turkey or chicken. Mix with some stuffing, leftover or made fresh, of course some cranberries, and dipped in what else but gravy!

If any of you can think of other meals to make use of leftovers, please let me know.

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