Monday, September 6, 2010

Organizing the Closet

I always put my clothes in order by type, then by color. For instance all my skirts are together, jean, dressy, and colorful. All my white shirts together, then sheer, and all others. I don't actually have a closet, I guess whomever built our house didn't expect for people to live in it, so instead, I use this clothes rack I bought at amazon. I actually bought two and will use the other as a drying rack in my basement once I move.

I have tons of shoes, so many that I sometimes don't even know where they all are. However, the ones that do get the pleasure of residing in my room are all organized neatly under the clothes rack.  Flip flops in order by color, style and height. Tennis shoes have their own space, mostly in the back for now since they don't get much wear.  Flats are stacked on top of each other with the lightest colors on top.  I have many wedges and heels which sadly do not fit well in this small space, so along with the extra clothes rack, I bought this shoe rack, that holds 50 pair, although I have waaaay more than that, but thank goodness for the changing of seasons. It was cheapest at, where I also got most of the things for my house from.

My jewelry is another source of clutter in my room.  I try to keep them in their place, which is hard sometimes because I probably have more jewelry than I do shoes. I put similar sets and colors together. I love butterflies so all the butterfly jewelry gets its own row in my jewelry organizer, which has separate clear pockets on front and front and back and a hanger on top to be hung in the closet or on the back of a door. I got mine from Avon years ago and it was a very welcome edition to my growing collection of organizers. I would have posted a pic of mine, but it doesn't look too "organized" right now :-).

Once I do move into my own house, most of these things will change, but only the space in which they are. I will finally know where all my shoes are and my clothes will have room to groove. Maybe I wont even have to pack them away when the season changes, wouldn't that be lovely.

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