Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Menu Plan - Week of 05/11/15


*Workout* - Yoga

Breakfast:  Kale Pineapple Smoothie 

Snack:  Triscuits with cucumbers

Lunch: 21 Day Fix Burrito Bowl (uses my days allowance of carbs, but totally worth it)

Dinner:  Zoodles with meat sauce, Brussels

I bought these cool little bowls from Amazon and I must say I love them!  Portion control and cuteness all wrapped up into one, add the fact that they snap together and also include an ice pack and I was in heaven.


*Workout* - Abs

Breakfast:  Berry Protein Smoothie

Snack:  Banana

Lunch:  Deconstructed turkey sandwich in the form of a salad (Cukes, Tomatoes, Turkey, Cheese, Red Onion), Triscuits, Grapes

Dinner:  Enchilada Pie


*Workout* - Dirty 30

Breakfast:  Cinnamon Toast with cream cheese, apple and honey

Snack:  Banana

Lunch:  Super food salad with chicken, cranberries and apples

Snack:  Smoothie

Dinner:  Salmon with Avocado Salsa, Spinach Rice, Brussels


*Workout* - upper body

Breakfast:  Banana and yogurt with granola

Lunch:  Student orientation at Towers Cafeteria

Dinner:  Spinach Salad


*Workout* - Cardio

Breakfast:   Cinnamon Toast with cream cheese, apple and honey

Snack:  Yogurt and Berries

Lunch:  Chicken Wrap, Quinoa Cranberry Salad

Snack:  Kale Chips

Dinner:  Chicken Fajitas


Breakfast:  Peaches and cream Oatmeal smoothie

*Workout* - Pilates

Snack:  Yogurt and Granola Bites

Lunch:  1/2 Green grilled cheese, Sweet Potato Soup

Dinner:  Zoodles with sundried tomatoes, spinach and feta in Lemon Basil Sauce



Breakfast:  Bacon Waffle, Grits

*Workout* - Total Body Cardio

Snack:  Banana

Lunch:  Re-Purposed Leftovers

Dinner:  Chicken with red onions and cranberries, Greens, Sweet potatoes

Yes, I am very disappointed that I am making all these changes in my life and my scale stays the same, but I am hoping it will be worth it soon.  Or, I will just continue being 'Fluffy' me. 


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