Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Menu Plan - Week of 06/01/2015


*Workout* - Yoga

Breakfast:  Fruity Protein Smoothie 

Snack:  Blueberry Muffin

Lunch: Mexican Lunch @ Work

Dinner:  Spinach and Mushroom Crepe, Hashbrowns, Brussels

Enter 21 day fix (round 2)


*Workout* - Abs

Breakfast:  Fruity Protein Smoothie

Snack:  Fruit Cup

Lunch:  Chicken Burger, Baked Potato, Brussels

Snack:  Green Smoothie

Dinner:  Salmon Pockets, Rice with spinach and mushrooms, Broccoli


*Workout* - Upper Body

Breakfast:  Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

Snack:  Tuna on Cucumbers

Lunch:  Fruity chicken salad, Kale Chips

Dinner:   Turkey Wing, Rice, Broccoli


*Workout* - Lower Body

Breakfast:  PB and Banana Protein Smoothie

Snack:  Fruit and Yogurt

Lunch:  Chicken Burger, Rice with Spinach and Mushrooms, Pepper with yogurt sauce

Snack:  Kind Bar

Dinner:  Falafel chicken meatballs, Zoodles with Mushrooms and Pesto, Green Beans


*Workout* - Cardio

Breakfast:  Berry Protein Smoothie

Snack:  PB on a Rice Cake

Lunch:  1/2 Turkey Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad

Dinner:  Thursday Repeat


Breakfast:  Oatmeal with cranberries and almonds

*Workout* - Dirty 30

Snack:  Fruity protein smoothie

Lunch:  Bdubs with the Family (after niece's graduation)

Dinner:  Leftovers


Breakfast:  Cranberry Orange Pancakes (my own creation), Bacon, Sausage, Hashbrowns

*Workout* - Total Body Cardio

Snack:  Fruity Protein Smoothie

Lunch:  1/2 Turkey Sandwich, Tortilla Chips

Dinner:  Hummus Chicken with Zucchini and Squash, Rice, Green Beans

Still NOT giving up!


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