Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Back (for real this time)

I made a post a while back that I would be flooding this blog with posts.  Well, I kind of slacked on that and haven't posted in a long time.  I will also now be posting my weekly meal plan, which helps me to stay on track of it and keep organize for the next week to come.

I have made a serious commitment to my health and wellness and try to exercise every day.  This is the "plan"

Monday - Yoga

Tuesday - Cardio

Wednesday - Dirty 30 (a 30 minute total and I do mean total) body workout

Thursday - Upper or Lower body (alternating weeks)

Friday - 10 Minute ab workout, which feels like 30

Saturday - Pilates (I have yet to do this one though as I need a mat)

Sunday - Repeat any of my favorite workout from the week

Sometimes I skip a day due to work, or I'm just tired in general, but I do walk every day and get plenty of water.  Look out for more posts soon.

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