Monday, April 20, 2015

Menu Plan - Week of 04/20/15

For those who thought it would be hard to have a meatless week, I hope this meal plan gives you some ideas to try it on you own.  I also have more recipes on my Meatless Monday board on Pinterest. 


Breakfast:  Quiche with Salsa

Snack:  Homemade Trail Mix

Lunch:  7 Layer Pinwheels, Tortilla Chips

Snack:  Kiwi

Dinner:  Pesto, Avocado, Spinach, Mozzarella Grilled Cheese, Sweet Potato Soup (a repeat from last week)

*Workout* - Yoga


Breakfast:  Homemade Blueberry Muffin, Yogurt

Snack:  Grapes and cheese on a stick

Lunch:  Leftover sweet potato soup, Pretzel bread, Kale Salad

Pre-Workout Snack:  Banana and Chocolate Milk Smoothie 

*Workout* - Cardio

Dinner:  Eggplant Parmesan Sliders, Zucchini "Fries"


Breakfast:  Cheese Grits, Biscuit

Snack:  Nutrigrain Bar, Applesauce

Lunch:  Hummus Melts (repeat from last week), Garlic Brussels sprouts

Pre-Workout Snack:  Skipping

Dinner:  Out with friends (will most likely not be meatless)

*Workout* - Dirty 30 (30 minutes of intense full body workout)


Breakfast:  Strawberry Mango smoothie

Snack:  Banana, Granola

Lunch:  Herbed Orzo with sundried tomatoes and feta, Kale Chips

Pre-Workout Snack:  PB on cinnamon toast

*Workout* - Upper body

Dinner:  Spinach and Mushroom crepes, Hashbrowns


Breakfast:  PB and banana Waffle

I have a doctor's appointment on this day, so hopefully she'll be happy with this week's menu.

Snack:  Homemade Trail Mix

Lunch:  Zoodles with mushrooms and avocado cream sauce, Zaatar Pie (pita with zaatar spices and melted cheese)

Dinner:  Spinach Mac and Cheese, Brussels and Beets

*Workout* - Abs


Breakfast:  PB and J pancakes

Snack:  Yogurt with berries and granola

*Workout* - Pilates

Lunch:  Southwestern Quinoa Bowl

Dinner:  Rice, Black Eyed Peas, Greens and cornbread


I had planned to have a "Women behind Wanda" brunch for all the special ladies in my life, but it might get pushed back a week due to schedule conflicts, in which case I need a back up plan...

Breakfast:  Peaches and cream oatmeal

Snack:  Raisin Bran

Lunch:  Black Eyed Pea Salad, Pita Chips

Pre-Workout Snack:  PB and J on cinnamon bread

*Workout* - Total Body

Dinner:  "Crack Casserole", cornbread

I am trying the 21 day fix program starting this week.  I have already been doing the workouts, but the meal plan is tricky as I love cheese and on this plan, we are only alotted one serving per day, so that means my "cheese meals" will be skimpy and the hardest part... avocado falls into the same category.  So, we'll see how long I actually last on this plan. 

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